Preventative Dental Health Care: What’s the Big Deal?

When we are one of the many people that only seek dental attention in the face of an emergency or chronic tooth pain, we are doing our mouths a disservice. Whether this is due to a true dental phobia, or … Continue reading

Good Oral Health for Kids Starts with Us

We want the best oral health for your child, but before we can do that, it is important to focus on ourselves. Parents are the first role model that children look up to, which means if we have poor oral … Continue reading

Dental Phobia Can Get in the Way of Good Health

  A fear of the dentist is normal. It can even cause us to become paralyzed with fear, making it impossible to go to a dental appointment or have a necessary dental procedure performed. Almost 15 percent of Americans suffer … Continue reading

Concerned About Germs? Don’t Forget about the Mouth

Many people are concerned about germs. When we constantly wash our hands, avoid places that are specifically known for an abundance of germs and continuously disinfecting our home, we could be missing one very large component of the germs in … Continue reading

Chronic Bad Breath: What’s the Deal?

When we suffer from bad breath, it can be embarrassing, but we are not alone. We are among 90 million other Americans that also suffer from this ailment. The good news is that there are simple ways to stop it … Continue reading

Caring for Toothbrushes

  A large component of proper oral health care is taking good care of our toothbrush. If we neglect this important aspect of oral health care, we could be doing our teeth more harm than good. It is not difficult … Continue reading

Can Our Diet Cause Enamel Erosion?

  There is more than meets the eye when it comes to oral health. Even the best oral health care habits can result in enamel erosion. It takes more than good oral health care to have a bright, white smile. … Continue reading

Love Coffee and Wine but Hate the Stains on Your Teeth?

Coffee and red wine are two favorite drinks of many adults. While they might taste great, they are not very easy on your teeth. Excessive or long-term consumption of either drink can equal unsightly stains on your teeth. Aside from … Continue reading

Using a Straw Has Many Dental Benefits

Do you use a straw for your drinks at home? Chances are that the answer is no. Just as you receive a straw with your drink in restaurants, you should get in the habit of doing the same thing at … Continue reading

Chewing: The Most Important Reason to Take Care of Your Teeth

Proper oral health care is important for a variety of obvious reasons, but one of the most important is chewing. Chewing is more than a process that breaks your food into smaller pieces; it is the way to ensure that … Continue reading